Spacehab Sees Opportunity In Space Florida's Launch Complex

Astrotech Subsidiary is Prepared to Support New Era in Commercial Space Exploration

Houston, Texas (October 28, 2008) - SPACEHAB Incorporated, (NASDAQ: SPAB) and its Astrotech subsidiary, leading providers of commercial space services, join with Space Florida in recognizing the immense opportunities for America’s commercial space program in the joint Air Force Space Command and Space Florida Dedication Ceremony of Launch Complex 36. The Ceremony marked the symbolic “groundbreaking” following the announcement by the Air Force Space Command of its commitment to commercial space and its intention to lease LC36 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to Space Florida. The U.S. Air Force's official "intent to lease" the site to Space Florida includes the build-out of the launch pad to support multiple-customers and multi-vehicle configurations for commercial, civil and military customers.

Astrotech, located in Titusville, Florida, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the Sea Launch Home Port facilities in California has supported more than 30 launch operations at Launch Complex 36, and will bring more than two decades of spacecraft ground processing support services and expertise to the endeavor. Astrotech offers established infrastructure capabilities from its main site location in Titusville, Florida to the Launch Pad 36 facility. Astrotech’s extensive services in pre-launch operations, which have serviced over 250 spacecraft since 1984, include use of below Class 10,000 clean room facilities, spacecraft checkout, encapsulation, fueling, transport, and remote control through launch.

“Astrotech is ready and avidly supports this new era of space commercialization,” explains Ret. General Lance Lord, Astrotech Chief Executive Officer. “This collaboration will instigate vast opportunities in the civilian and military commercial space markets, and we are thrilled to bring our end-to-end mission assurance capabilities to this venture.”

Environmental assessments and the build-out of Pad A, which comprises the Launch Pad 36 facility, are presently scheduled for completion by fall 2010. Infrastructure development will be partially funded by a $14.5 Million appropriation by the 2008 Florida Legislature. The development of the Launch Pad Complex will further promote the growing commercial space industry and marketable possibilities of space exploration and research.

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