ASO Vandenberg SFB

Astrotech Space Operations owns and operates processing facilities located on a 59 acre leased site on Vandenberg Space Force Base at the Western Range. The facilities provide approximately 40,000 square feet of customer work areas. There are three separate spacecraft processing areas, each with a dedicated control room and low bay. The Vandenberg facilities provide for non-hazardous and hazardous processing, hardware storage and customer office accommodations.

The facility capacity can accommodate up to three missions simultaneously, successfully demonstrated in 2010. The facility design supports up to five-meter class spacecraft and launch vehicle encapsulation hardware, capable of supporting all Western Range launch vehicle programs. 

ASO VSFB was the first commercial company granted safety control authority from Range Safety.  As such, ASO controls operational safety for all activities conducted within the company site.


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Bldg 1036 Tangair Rd & Red Rd
Vandenberg SFB, California 93437

(805) 875-6400