Standard Spacecraft Processing Facility Services

Astrotech Space Operations' standard package of services provides all the support necessary to ensure successful spacecraft processing, including:

  • Cleanroom Certification and Maintenance
  • Communications Support
  • Aircraft Off-Load and Up-Load Support
  • Ordnance Receiving, Inspection, and Staging
  • Staging and Transportation of Liquid Propellants
  • U.S. Government Support Coordination
  • Consumables (Inert Gases, Solvents, Etc.)
  • Sample Analysis of Consumables
  • Personnel Protective Suits (SCAPE), Splash Suits, and Related Familiarization Training.
  • Life Safety and Valet Service for Spacecraft Propellant Loading Operations
  • Traffic Escorts for Hazardous and/or Oversized Transports
  • DOT Permits for Transport of Hazardous and/or Oversized Loads
  • Hardware and Personnel Safety Oversight
  • Payload/Payload Components Dynamic Balancing (Florida Facility Only)
  • Emergency Medical and Fire Assistance
  • 24/7 Security
  • Customized Security Measures to Meet Customer Program Requirements